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Physical examination is to access good health and that the individual meets the requirements established by USCIS for eligibility.


The examination is still required in cases of pregnancy but in some cases parts of the exam may be postponed until after the pregnancy. Concerns should be discussed with a family doctor before the examination.


The USCIS will require some of these vaccination depending on age, preexisting infectious condition history, and vaccination history.


TDaP or DTaP:
-Diphtheria toxoids

Others Include:
-Influenza Type B
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-(Chicken Pox) or Varicella
-Pneumococcal Vaccine


Vaccines can be administered at the time of the exam if you have never had certain vaccines and or unable to submit vaccination records when you come to the examination


Applicant is responsible for paying the medical examination and laboratory fees


Additional Fees If any additional vaccinations are required


Documents Needed for Immigration Examination

1-Passport or other form of government issued photo ID.
2-Documentation of vaccination
3-Document of any significant medical history


Applicants should not open the sealed envelope of completed paperwork given to them after the examination


FAQs about the Examination

Immigration Examinations

Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations For All Age Groups

-DMV/ (DOT) Certified

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3030 N Fresno St.
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